Mohammed was born in Mecca, 

Saudi Arabia in 570 AD and died in June 8, 632 AD in Medina , Saudi Arabia.

In 610 AD he claimed that he was visited by Angel Gabriel 

who commissioned him as a prophet of God. Mohammed continued to receive 

revelations from Gabriel until his death. The revelations make the Quran.

In 622 AD Mohammed fled from persecution in Mecca to Medina in his first 

attempt to convert people with his new found faith. That flight was named 

Hegira which marks the beginning of the Islamic calendar. By 630 AD he had 

successfully converted a small community of believers for his new faith which is 

to be called Islam. Islam means submission and an Islamic convert is called a 

Muslim. He and his group waged a militaristic campaign against Mecca . He 

destroyed all the idol gods in Mecca except one cubical house called " The 

Kaaba." The Kaaba is the holiest object in Islam. All Muslims must visit it . All 

Muslim must pray facing the Kaaba. Mecca submitted peacefully to Islam.

Through military campaigns Islam grew and expanded throughout the world 

reaching about 1.5 billion converts today.

Mohammed claims to be the seal of all the prophets and must be listened to , 

above all.



The Quran is the top canonical book of Islam. It contains the revelations received 

from angel Gabriel. Islam claims it is the direct word from Allah and unedited and 

is corrective of the Bible which is changed. By this Muslim argues that they have 

the true doctrine from God by which standard all affairs of mankind must 



The Haddith contains the sayings and acts of Mohammed.  

Islam profess to believe the Old Testament and the Gospel (Injil) but claims that 

they have been corrupted therefore the only authoritative undiluted scripture is 

the Quran. Where the Quran contradicts the Bible, the Muslim stands by the 

Quran. Muslims reject the epistle in the New Testament.   

Sharia Law. Sharia is the interpretation of the Quran and the Hadith used for 

Constitutional rule in many Muslim countries.


On God:
There is only one God and is called Allah. He has no son and is not a 

triune God. The concept of vicarious death for one's sins is unacceptable .

On Hell

Hell is a place of real eternal torment.  

On Salvation:

Salvation is by good works. When one's good works exceeds his 

bad works, he will go to heaven by the mercies of Allah. Man is not totally 

depraved but he is basically good. There is no original sin and every one is 

accountable for his own deeds and is capable to work for his own salvation.

Certain good works merit great reward in heaven. Killing the infidel or waging 

Jihad wins much reward

Jihad: Jihad represents two types of struggles; the inner spiritual struggle and the 

external physical struggle . The inner spiritual struggle is the believers inner  

struggle to stay righteous whereas the external struggle involves physical usually 

military struggle against persecution or for conversion. Jihadists also known as 

mujahideen who die at the cost of physical jihad have great reward in heaven.

On Resurrection:

There is physical resurrection of bodies. In the garden of Paradise, men will be 

rewarded with special beautiful women ( 72 virgins) known as houris for sexual 


Hell is a place of real torment.

On Jesus:

Jesus is only a prophet and to to say that Jesus is God is blasphemy.  

Jesus did not die on the cross. On the crucifix was somebody else therefore Jesus  (Q:157-158)

did not resurrect. There is no atonement for sins through the vicarious death of 

Jesus. Jesus is one of the 124 000 prophets of Allah of which Mohammed is the 

greatest. Mohammed being the seal of the prophets is does greater than Jesus.

Every prophet was given a special assignment and Jesus' role was the Messiah 

and was born by the Virgin Mary and was sinless. He was a great miracle worker 

but that does not make him God, nor greater than Mohammed who did not 

perform no miracle.

On the Holy Spirit
 Allah is a Spirit. 


There are several divisions or denominations of Islam and within each 

denomination are different school of thoughts and jurisprudence.The chief ones 

are (1) Sunni Islam. (2) Shia Islam (3) The Nation of Islam

Sunni Islam is the largest denomination. The name comes from the word sunna 

meaning habit. The Sunnis follow the sayings and habits of Mohammed as written 

in the Quran and the Haddith. Sunni Islam is hence regarded as the orthodox 

Islam as opposed to a Shi'a Islam

The Shias believe in the the appointment of leaders ( Immam) according to the 

family of Mohammed.

The Nation of Islam is an American version of Islam which is a black separatist 

movement started by Willis Fard Mohammed in 1930. It's succession of leaders 

include Elijah Mohammed , Malcolm X, Warith Deen Mohammed and Louis Farrakhan .

The Five Pillars of Islam:

The Foundation of Islam is built upon five pillars. The 

believe and practice of these pillars are mandatory to every believer.

The Shahada. (Faith) . 

This is the confession of faith that there is only one God who is Allah and 

Mohammed is the messenger of Allah la ilaha illa-llahu Muhammadun


The Salat. (Prayer).

Muslims must pray five times a day

The Swam (fasting).

Muslims who have reached puberty must do the Ramadan a 

thirty day yearly fast for spiritual purification to be close to God .

The Zakat ( alms giving)

All Muslims must practice alms giving

The Hajj (pilgrimage ). 

All Muslims who are able, must visit Mecca ( The Kaaba) 

at least once in their lifetime 

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